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At Lasso, we believe that NFTs are the future of useful digital ownership. We're here to show you their form and function.


A guided journey beyond the jpeg

We provide the most comprehensive and current information about what you can do with NFTs. Your experience is personalized based on your wallet(s), and other signals from Lasso’s data platform.


More knowledge, more power

Through features like advanced search and insights, we unlock greater understanding of creators, collections, and communities.

Full spectrum coverage

The source of truth for your digital property

Whether you're interested in airdrops or access, mints or merch, governance or gaming, we have you covered with a dedicated feed that'll keep you current with your opportunities.

Upcoming Features

What's new in Lasso?

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    User Actions

    Lasso is now a “read & write” product. You can personalize your experience by following Collections, Opportunities, or Accounts.

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    Revamped Collection Insights

    We've augmented our existing analytics views with a variety of new signals and narrative insights that enable you to make better collecting and trading decisions.

How Lasso Works

Utility, unlocked

Our Utility Registry and data platform provide the foundation for everything we build at Lasso.

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    Data streams

    Continuously ingest a wide variety of sources, including structured on-chain data, transactional market feeds, and, most importantly, unstructured off-chain data.

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    Tags & Classification

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    Personalized Discovery

Utility Types


Cases where access privileges for content, communities, or products require specific token ownership.


When holding Token A entitles you to an airdrop or claim of Token B.


IRL or digital event ticketing utilizing NFTs for entry, as opposed to traditional tickets.


Limited edition merch or other physical products, or commercial discounts, for tokenholders.


Unlocked access to new or derivative mints or drops based on token ownership..

Virtual Goods

Instances where NFTs can be used as interactive items or characters within virtual worlds or games.


Community decisions in which voting participation is limited to holders.


Intellectual property or licensing rights that extend to holders of specific NFTs.

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